The Canadian Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards Program is a joint initiative between Plug’n Drive and the Canadian Electricity Association. Four award categories recognize the leading dealerships and electricity companies promoting the adoption of EVs in Canada. Held on an annual basis, entries are evaluated by an external judging committee comprised of Canadian EV experts drawn from industry, non-profit organizations, government, and the media.

Plug’n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric cars across Canada to maximize their environmental and economic benefits. To help drivers make the switch, Plug’n Drive is focused on three key programs: Education, Home and Public Charging Infrastructures and Research to support the electric vehicle industry.

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Past Recipients

2017 Leading Battery Electric Vehicle Dealership Award

Awarded to dealerships excelling in the promotion of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEVs). Powered solely by a rechargeable battery pack, BEVs are fully electric cars that never burn gasoline and produce zero tailpipe emissions.

Company Description
Campus Nissan Campus Nissan

At Campus Nissan, electric vehicles account for 11% of total sales as well as 10% of their annual marketing budget. They are also very actively involved in the community, sponsoring the Victoria EV Club, using EV couriers for all local deliveries and initiating a LEAF Day sponsorship of the local WHL Hockey Team. This is in addition to their participation in dozens of community events and tradeshows.

Campus Nissan in Victoria, British Columbia is a locally owned and operated dealership that has been in the Graham family for over 35 years. Dick Graham, Dealer Principal since 1994, values family above all else. These values, coupled with the fact that Dick still farms 40 acres on the Saanich Peninsula, make environmental sustainability very important to the Campus Auto Group. Campus Nissan is the highest volume Leaf (all electric vehicles) dealership in Canada. This success is attributable to Victoria’s progressive and environmentally conscious car buyers as well as Mr. Graham’s commitment to supporting the Leaf through community engagement and promotion.

2017 Leading Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Dealership Award

Awarded to dealerships excelling in the promotion of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEVs). With a rechargeable battery pack and a gas engine PHEVs run on pure electric power until the battery is drained, then the gas engine takes over for extended range.

Company Description
Bourgeois Chevrolet Bourgeois Chevrolet

Bourgeois Chevrolet actively promotes electric vehicles through social media, and participates in a number of community events where they offer free test drives. In addition to having an entire sales team trained to sell electric vehicles and a well-stocked EV inventory, the company makes their charging stations available to the entire community. Half of their marketing budget is used in the promotion of electric vehicles, which has paid off as they now account for 41% of the company’s total sales.

Operating since 1964, a family business that has seen 3 generations at its helm, Bourgeois Chevrolet is a pioneer in the world of electric vehicles. They are proud to be passionate ambassadors of electric transportation. It is with this passion that they strive to inform consumers, sensitize them to environmental values, and thus show them all there is to know about the electrification of transportation. For 5 years, they have specialized in the sale, maintenance, and repair of electric vehicles as well as in the training this involves.

2017 Electric Vehicle Dealership Inspiration Award

Awarded to dealerships excelling in the overall promotion of EVs, be they BEVs or PHEVs.

Company Description
Green Rock E.V.S Green Rock E.V.S

Green Rock E.V.S. is very active in their community in addition to participating in a number of conferences, trade shows, and meetings to promote and educate the public about EVs and their benefits. Green Rock E.V.S. is also a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association. As a 100% electric vehicle dealer Green Rock E.V.S. leads the pack in terms of promotion, sales and education.

Green Rock E.V.S. is Newfoundland and Labrador’s only 100% Electric Vehicle Dealer and Service Centre. Green Rock E.V.S.’ mandate is to provide anyone in Newfoundland and Labrador with the opportunity to drive electric and save time, money, and the environment. Since its incorporation in 2013, Green Rock E.V.S. has grown into a full Dealership and Certified Service Center, with three employees. Green Rock E.V.S. sells quality, pre-owned electric vehicles, E-Bikes, and Charging Stations.

2017 Tom Mitchell Vehicle Leadership Award

Open to electricity companies who led an electric vehicle and/or charging station program.

Company Description
Hydro Québec

Among the largest electric utilities in Canada, Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity for the whole province of Québec. One of the top renewable energy producers in the world, the utility uses mainly renewable generating options, in particular large hydro, and supports the development of other technologies—such as wind energy and biomass. The Hydro-Québec customers benefit from the lowest electricity prices in North America. Involved in electric mobility for over 25 years, Hydro-Québec is a leader in the field with regards to advanced battery materials, electric drivetrain, early EV pilots and public charging infrastructure.