Digital Transformation for Utilities – EPM

by Ahsan Upal, P.Eng. PMP - Burns & McDonnell

This second article on digital transformation for utilities will cover the benefits of an enterprise portfolio management (EPM) system to help in targeted capital investment planning and to gain better control over a utility’s capital expenditures. For most utilities their capital expenditure is among their largest annual spends, however planning and executing the capital program […]

Trees – Should they stay,
or should they go?

by Dan Gent

Trees, trees and more trees. A blessing to mankind since we first used a stick to poke the sleeping bear. Trees give us shade in the sun; shelter from the rain; a place to put up Christmas decorations; a place to build a tree-fort for our kids and scratching posts for bears. They are a […]

Finding the “Magic Leadership Fairy Dust”!

by David McKendry

Excerpt from David McKendry’s Speech at CS Week It’s hard to believe that it was 6 years ago when Rod Litke asked if I would participate in the CS Week Friday Closing Panel to talk about mentors. At the end of my talk 6 years ago, I was struck by the audience response. People asked […]

Digital Transformation for Utilities

by Ahsan Upal, P.Eng. PMP - Burns & McDonnell

Digital transformation is all around us, whether it is depositing a cheque by phone, asking Alexa to turn down lights in a room, or smart kitchen devices sending cooking progress via Bluetooth. Using remote sensors and analytics to capture data and discover valuable insights about customers, assets and suppliers has opened a frontier for new […]


by Francis Bradley

On working at CEA.  I have been at CEA for almost 33 years now. I’ve had the opportunity to work in every single role within the organization. I first joined CEA as a junior in communications, worked my way through the communications department, worked a little in Government Relations and then moved into taking on […]

Celebrating Women in Energy

by Ann Kelly

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the success and progress made in the energy sector. More specifically, we celebrate the progress made in the electricity industry that has seen our workplaces become more welcoming and inclusive to a diverse workforce. While we still have work to do to achieve gender parity, our industry is taking […]

CEA’s celebrates 10 years of Sustainable Electricity

by Canadian Electricity Association

Channa S. Perera Vice-President, Policy Development Canadian Electricity Association February 19th, 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of CEA’s Sustainable Electricity Program. The Canadian electricity sector is known to have a long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability and compliance. In 1997, CEA launched the Environmental Commitment & Responsibility (ECR) Program, which mandated each member utility to conform […]

The Heart of an Industry

by Dan Gent

This upcoming March, I will be celebrating my 10-year anniversary at the Canadian Electricity Association. Ten years with the reliability program. Ten years, looking at data from utilities across Canada. Ten years, listening to stories about equipment failures, customer interruptions, and blackouts due to ice storms, tornadoes and sometimes squirrels. Ten years of building a […]


by Stephen Koch

Stephen Koch, Director of Emerging Issues at CEA, sat down with us to discuss innovation and our bright future in the electricity sector. As the resident crystal ball gazer at CEA, Stephen focuses on predicting where the industry is headed based on up-and-coming technologies. How would you define “innovation” in the electricity industry? By definition, […]

U.S. and Canada’s
Electrifying Partnership

by Leah Michalopulos

The holiday season offers an opportunity to take stock of the positive relationships that make our lives a bit brighter. One for which the electricity sector is particularly thankful is the electricity partnership between Canada and the U.S. This longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship has not only stood the test of time, but it continues […]