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First utility in Canada to develop a Smart Speaker Skill

Hydro Ottawa has released its own Smart Speaker skill, compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Customers are now choosing how they want to interact with companies. This has resulted in more innovation from those looking to stay relevant and provide customers with the access they desire.

Electrification of Transportation

By developing innovative battery and motor technologies for EVs, setting up a network of public charging stations and producing clean, renewable power, Hydro-Québec is actively involved in the electrification of transportation. In Hydro-Québec’s view, promoting electric transportation supports decarbonization efforts in Québec.

A New Approach to Cybersecurity

The IESO recently became the first system operator in North America to have accountability for providing cybersecurity-related services to the broader electricity sector under a new mandate from the Ontario Energy Board.

Advanced probability tool for risk-based planning/prioritization of transmission investments

Manitoba Hydro developed the System Reliability Risk Model – a new method of quantification that factors in system complexity – in order to address some industry challenges.

Collaborative Smart Grid Innovation

Nova Scotia Power and NB Power are joining forces on a potential Collaborative Smart Grid Innovation Project that will deploy and test new digital energy technologies in the residential, commercial, industrial sectors on the two provincial grids.

Grid Intelligence

In today’s society, homes, businesses and institutions rely on electricity for the most basic of functions. Unscheduled outages can cause major inconvenience for some, lost revenue for others.

Network System Monitoring & Control

Toronto Hydro is constantly looking for ways to better monitor its equipment in an effort to improve reliability, asset management, and customer service.

Smart Energy – NRCAN Smart Grid Demonstration Project

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Smart Grid Pilot is an advanced demand response project looking to leverage Artificial Intelligence to reduce the peak.

Supercritical CO2 Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization Technology

Originally a part of the Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) Industrial Efficiency Challenge, the TC Energy Waste Heat Recovery Project involves the installation of a demonstration waste heat recovery (WHR) generation system at one of TC Energy’s compressor station sites in Alberta designed to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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