In Canada, we are famous for our winter season. We celebrate it with festivals like Winterlude and Carnivale. When we get a major dump of snow like Newfoundland did in 2020, we call it Snowmaggeddon and talk about it for months. We train our kids at a young age to brush the snow off the […]

Reliable and resilient electricity is essential for Canadians. This is why electricity companies work 24/7 to keep the grid secure and reliable. While the pandemic has been prevalent in all facets of business and life this year, COVID-19 has not been the only challenge electricity companies are addressing in 2020. Perhaps even more prevalent is the evolving cyber security threat landscape. The National Cyber Threat Assessment (‘NCTA’), recently published by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, states that not only […]

For nearly two decades, ComplyTec has helped Canadian enterprises protect themselves from financial and reputational risk associated with cyber-attacks and compliance failures. More recently, by working closely within the North American utility sector, we quickly came to acknowledge its intense regulatory framework. Regulations in the utility sector are designed to avoid catastrophes such as the […]

Leadership: one of the Canadian Electricity Association’s (CEA) core corporate values. There are many ways the CEA team chooses to practice Leadership; operating strategically, promoting sustainability in the industry, and fostering partnerships and diversity – to name a few. Let’s talk about diversity. Gender diversity, to be exact. “Inclusivity means not ‘just we’re allowed to […]

Virtual reality has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020. In-person meetings have been halted and the integration of online communication tools has spiked. As an essential service, pausing the delivery of electricity was not an option. At a recent virtual meeting of the North American Electricity Corporation (NERC) – the organization that sets […]

Amber Mac said it best at CEA’s 2019 Fall Board meeting: “Change has never happened this fast before and it will never, ever be this slow again”. She was right. Every aspect of the electricity sector is continuously evolving. Utilities are not only faced with managing innovative technologies and grid reliability, but also adjusting to […]

With September around the corner, we should be seeing a decline in forest fires. However, climate change has enabled an increase in the most extreme fire weather conditions such as a hot and dry climate and extreme high wind speed. With the perfect recipe for wildfires becoming more and more prevalent over time, the official […]

New technologies in the electricity sector are bringing more choice, more control and more convenience for customers. Electric vehicles (EV) are a prime example – though as I write this in July 2020, sticker prices of vehicles are somewhat higher than their fossil-fueled counterparts. However, by 2025, the purchase price of an EV is expected […]

As utility infrastructure ages and impacts grid reliability, the interest in methods and tools to manage asset life continues to rise. Utilities are increasingly looking to implement intelligent asset management such as online condition monitoring, predictive asset maintenance and data analytics to gain wisdom about their asset’s health. A tremendous amount of data is needed […]