LeadCanada’s clean energy leader

A modernized electricity system is a critical enabler for our national economy, our public health, our environmental quality, and our security.

Centre of Excellence

CEA’s Centre of Excellence celebrates Canadian innovation and cutting-edge technology in the electricity sector. Whether it’s a virtual power plant providing residential customers with the ability to generate their own clean energy and augment the grid, or the world’s first commercial-scale post-combustion carbon capture and storage unit – all Center of Excellence projects are positively impacting the lives of Canadians and shaping our collective energy future.

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Powering Canada’s Economy

CEA works towards creating a sustainable, environmental, reliable, and secure electricity system to power the economy for all Canadians.

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Protecting our Environment

With Canada’s access to abundant, sustainable, and reliable electricity, the electricity sector is uniquely positioned to power a clean future that meets the country’s ambitious climate change targets.

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Partnering for a Better Future

CEA fosters partnerships with other organizations, peoples, and countries to ensure we are building a cleaner, more prosperous future for all.

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Speaking for Canada’s Electricity Sector

Councils and Committees are the principal CEA policy-setting bodies. Each has a measure of autonomy to address priorities, initiate programs, and develop policy recommendations within its area of focus.

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