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The Hydro-Québec Research Institute (IREQ) has developed a line inspection drone called LineDrone. The drone is used to inspect high-voltage lines and can make a semi-autonomous landing using an on-board peripheral vision device. The vision system enables the drone to detect and recognize electrical conductors. This innovation provides invaluable support to the operator to ensure a safe deployment of the drone on the conductors.

Substation Automation

Electric utilities across Canada are looking forward to significant technical and business effort to rebuild and renew electric systems, while also incorporating leading edge technology to meet changing societal expectations around renewables.

Reclaimed Wastewater for Power Generation

The ENMAX Shepard Energy Centre is an 860 MW natural gas-fired combined cycle power generating facility, located at the east end of Calgary. Shepard was built with the goal of providing safe, reliable electricity to Albertans long into the future, with a simultaneous commitment to reducing emissions and using resources responsibly.

Predictive Analytics Preventing Cable Failure

ENMAX Power Corporation identified underground cable failures as the highest contributor to both total customer outage minutes and total customer outage frequency. In response to this finding, ENMAX Power developed an innovative predictive analytics model to proactively identify buried cables at high risk of failure.

Load and Generation Hosting Capacities

For ENMAX Power Corporation, planning the electricity system includes anticipating the effect of new connections to the grid. ENMAX Power’s planning teams need to understand the existing constraints and upcoming demands on the system (loads) to ensure continued reliable electricity service to customers. With the rise of distributed energy resources (DER), the planning teams also need to know where customers can potentially generate electricity, while maintaining the quality and reliability of the grid.

Smart Inverter Control of PV Solar Farms and Energy Storage Systems

The high penetration of renewable generation in distribution systems has introduced more uncertainties and technical challenges in the operation of the utility distribution system. Due to the intermittent nature of renewable generation, it is essential to maintain system voltage profile and facilitate smoother integration of inverter based distributed generation. Optimum power distribution also entails the reduction of distribution losses and provision of adequate power quality and availability.

Smart Community Microgrid

Elexicon Energy’s “Smart Community Microgrid with Renewable Energy and Storage” and Feeder Automation on Distribution Energy Service Platform project is helping to modernize electricity distribution grids and is demonstrating innovation in cutting-edge technologies that make distribution systems run better and  gives customers more choice and control over their power use.

First Provincially Connected EV Charging Network

With the burgeoning electrification of the transportation sector, NB Power quickly realized the potential impacts of this transformation on the way electricity is consumed by Canadians. New Brunswick became the first fully connected province with a smart electric vehicle fast charging network.

Smart Energy Community Project

A small seaside town in New Brunswick is helping to shape the future of energy in the Atlantic region. The Town of Shediac is the focus of the Smart Energy Community Project, as part of a four-year federally funded research and demonstration program to determine how energy technologies of the future can provide customer, community and provincial benefits – such as increasing resilience while reducing energy use and carbon emissions, as individuals and as a province.

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