Lead Powering Canada’s Economy

CEA works towards creating a sustainable, environmental, reliable, and secure electricity system to power the economy for all Canadians.

$350 billion

required infrastructure investment by 2030

Building Canada’s Clean Growth Future

In Canada, the most significant way to reduce carbon emissions is to first, decarbonize the electricity system, and then, change the sources of power to electricity for everything.

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$100 million

infrastructure investment, over $85M in GDP and 1,200 jobs

Investing in Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Canada’s electricity system, which was mostly built during the 1970s and 80s, is aging and needs to be renewed or refurbished to meet Canadian’s current and future needs.

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$67.5 billion

in infrastructure investment in 2017

Bridging the Innovation Gap

Canada’s electricity infrastructure needs investment to transition to a cleaner, more prosperous future with a broader focus on innovation and national projects.

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In 2013, More than 2,000 players from 234 organizations responded to a 1.5-day simulation of a coordinated cyber and physical attack on the bulk power system.”

Smart Grid in Canada, 2014 (Natural Resources Canada)

Protecting the Power Grid

It is vital that we identify emerging threats and that we protect the security, reliability, and stability of the integrated North American electricity system.

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