Lead Protecting Our Environment

With Canada’s access to abundant, sustainable, and reliable electricity, the electricity sector is uniquely positioned to power a clean future that meets the country’s ambitious climate change targets.

30% reduction

in GHG emissions since 2005

Climate Change

The long-term climate change trend is clear. We must take action now. And that needs understanding and support from every level of government in Canada.

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Energy efficiency has the unique potential to simultaneously contribute to long-term energy security, economic growth, and even improved health and well-being.”

Maria van der Hoeven, Executive Director International Energy Agency

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable and competitively priced electricity is essential to Canada’s future. Energy efficiency programs help Canadians save money and save the environment.

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Air Quality

The Canadian electricity industry is working with the federal government to develop fair and effective emission reductions under the Clean Air Regulations.

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Species Protection

CEA works with electricity companies and the federal government to find feasible and economically viable solutions to protect species at risk and their habitats.

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