Air Quality

The Canadian electricity industry is working with the federal government to develop fair and effective emission reductions under the Clean Air Regulatory Framework that respond to the diversity of each region’s:

  • Technologies, fuel, and generation sources
  • Environmental pressures
  • Socio-economic climates

Guiding principles

  • Continued provision of safe, affordable, and reliable electricity
  • Integrated management of various air emissions (SO2, NOX, PM, Hg, and CO2)
  • Accommodation of full fuel/generation source diversity
  • Consideration of regional differences, in electricity supply and demand, as well as air quality issues
  • Flexibility of implementation mechanisms, allowing a full array of market and other instruments


Clean Air Regulatory Framework

This framework includes mandatory and enforceable reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants to deliver tangible benefits to the health of Canadians and their environment, engaging all Canadians to take significant, measurable action.