Lead Canada’s Electricity Sector

Councils and Committees are the principal CEA policy-setting bodies. Each has a measure of autonomy to set priorities, initiate programs, and develop policy recommendations within its area of focus.


CEA Councils and Committees are the principal policy-setting bodies. Under the authority of the Board of Directors, each council and committee has a measure of autonomy to address priorities, initiate programs, and develop policy recommendations within its area of focus.

CEA Councils and Board Committees provide a forum for members to:

  • Share perspectives on operational issues
  • Work together to develop consensus-based policy and regulatory positions
  • Initiate collective action
  • Speak with one powerful voice on issues that present a collective commercial, technical, or reputational risk

Generation Council

The core mandate of the Generation Council is to influence federal policy in Canada and the US to create an environment conducive to the economic success of Canada’s electrical generation industry. The generation council also shares information and best practices among companies.

Areas of Focus

  • Clean energy
  • Climate and air issues
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Fisheries Act Compliance
  • Species at Risk Act Compliance

Transmission Council

The Transmission Council works to ensure that federal policy in both Canada and the US creates an environment that fosters the timely development and operation of transmission systems. The Transmission Council also develops policies with a full commitment to environmental safety, worker safety, and public safety best practices.

Areas of Focus

  • Technology roadmap
  • Policy and regulatory development
  • Real estate
  • Transmission best practices

Distribution Council

The Distribution Council provides strategic direction on key issues related to electricity distribution. The distribution system is vital infrastructure, and critical to the security and economy of Canada. The Distribution Council emphasizes power quality standards and sharing industry best practices.

Areas of Focus

  • Distribution smart grid / technology roadmap
  • Telecommunications spectrum and related equipment
  • Wireline and wireless attachments
  • Metering and regulations
  • Power quality
  • Regulatory innovations
  • Mutual assistance
  • Productivity and measurement

Customer Council

The Customer Council fosters collective action on issues of strategic importance to utilities and customers with a focus on the delivery of value to electricity customers. The Customer Council emphasizes customer relations and tracks public attitudes.

Areas of Focus

  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Customer relations
  • Industry-Regulator dialogue
  • National lighting initiative
  • Natural Resources Canada collaboration
  • Public attitudes
  • Quality urban energy systems of tomorrow

Power Marketers Council

The Power Marketers Council represents the leading buyers and sellers of electricity, ancillary services, and other energy products in Canada and the United States. The Council includes representation from the marketing arms or subsidiaries of utilities, as well as independent energy traders.

Areas of Focus

  • Market access and trading


Committees focus on areas that concern the Canadian
electricity sector:

  • National Emerging Issues Committee
  • Security and Infrastructure Protection Committee
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Corporate Partners
  • Human Resources
  • Finance, Tax, and Accounting Committee