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CEA represents every facet of the electricity industry in Canada with unwavering commitment to informed decision-making and balanced policy proposals.

CEA’s Data and Analytics Working Group (“DAWG”) is a collaborative information exchange forum for data strategies, insights, analytics, and their enabling technologies. The group shares best practices and approaches around implementing effective organizational structures, tools and policies, effective governance models, and priorities to determine the best return on investment CEA analytics can provide to member utilities. DAWG embarked on […]

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) is very pleased to share publicly that the Board of Directors have approved an Industry-wide collective commitment to accelerating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) in the electricity industry. CEA’s Board of Directors is aware that this is the first collective step in a long journey but they also recognize the […]

The electricity industry has a tradition of coming together to face challenges in times of need through partnership and co-operation.  Through unity of effort and response from across industry, and with other stakeholders, we ensure that Canadians can continue to count on the electricity that underpins our lives and our economy. The pandemic has underscored […]

How we make, move and use electricity is changing at an unprecedented pace. Advances in technology will help build an even cleaner and reliable grid and, in many cases, provide greater choice to Canadians.  This transformation is sure to continue, and Canada’s electricity companies work constantly to meet this change. The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) […]

Welcome to CEA’s Conversation Series! CEA has worked with our Corporate Partners to develop an ongoing conversation that focuses on solutions to current and future challenges faced by our industry. Click here for a list of upcoming webinars in the Conversation Series. To view past webinars, click on any of the links below.   Date  […]

Preamble The federal government plans to introduce legislation – the Act to Amend the Sustainable Development Act – that will likely come into force in 2021 and will guide future Federal Sustainable Development Strategies, committing Canada to net-zero emissions by 2050. As this discussion unfolds in light of COVID-19, it is critical that the electricity […]

The following document contains data and information about CEA and the Canadian Electricity Industry. The data is derived from 3rd party sources (i.e., World Bank, StatsCan, IEA, Environment Canada) and has been visualized by CEA.

Every year, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) compiles stories, initiatives, and cutting-edge projects from both staff and CEA member companies across the country, in an effort to tell the collective story of Canadian electricity. The Grid 2020 focuses on the theme of “transformation” and the way it is affecting – and will continue to affect […]

This Best Practice guide applies to all electricity transmission and distribution utilities that have assets in areas of wildfire risk. The Best Practices document outlines activities that utilities should consider to: Prevent and mitigate the risk of utility assets igniting a wildfire Prevent and mitigate the risk of utility assets being impacted by a wildfire […]