CEA’s Data Governance Handbook for the electricity sector

CEA’s Data and Analytics Working Group (“DAWG”) is a collaborative information exchange forum for data strategies, insights, analytics, and their enabling technologies. The group shares best practices and approaches around implementing effective organizational structures, tools and policies, effective governance models, and priorities to determine the best return on investment CEA analytics can provide to member utilities.

DAWG embarked on an exploration of ways to build strategies for our data-intensive organizations to improve data and analytics maturity levels, capabilities, tools, and overall value extracted from sector-wide data.  This assessment is now compiled and available within the 2021 Data Governance Handbook.

Over the past decade, the electricity industry has seen the inception of new technologies such as smart meters, sensors, and more – now labeled the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT). These digital assets have come with a proliferation of data. This handbook is a collection of practices from committee members to foster conversation and thought leadership on a critical topic that is of the utmost importance to managing the big data that is generated in utility operations – data governance.

Please enjoy CEA’s Data Governance Handbook for the electricity sector.

For more information or to participate on the Data Analytics Working Group please contact info@electricity.ca