Membership Benefits

Whether you generate, transmit, distribute, or sell electricity, the CEA has customized programs that give you access to generations of industry experience and collaboration on matters affecting the electricity sector.

Why Join CEA?

Whether you generate, transmit or distribute electricity or you operate in the sector’s crucial supply chain, the Canadian Electricity Association has customized programs that give you access to generations of industry experience and facilitate collaboration on matters affecting the whole sector.

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The National Voice of Electricity in Canada

CEA is the only national energy association representing all aspects of the electricity industry – from generation through transmission and distribution to customer relations. CEA members represent every generation source, every province and the North. CEA’s corporate partners are drawn from all aspects of the sectors supply chain that underpins the entire industry.

With the combined strength of its members, the Canadian Electricity Association:

  • Participates actively in the government’s agenda in Ottawa.
  • Provides a powerful presence in the dynamic and highly interconnected North American electricity industry.
  • Contributes input to policy makers on public policy areas such as environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, security and infrastructure protection, trade, and finance and tax policy.
  • Interacts on issues related to jurisdiction, standards, power quality, joint use structures, telecommunications, health and safety, and smart grid technology.
  • Organizes collective action on shared issues to achieve members’ objectives.
  • Provides thought-leadership through its collaboration with members on a long-term vision for Canada’s electricity industry.

Membership Categories


Companies that generate, transmit, distribute, or market electricity.

Corporate Partners

Manufacturers and suppliers of materials, technology, and services to the electricity sector.

Associate Partners

Small, regional and municipal utilities or other organizations that are associated with the electricity sector or have a special interest in electricity issues.

Benefits of Membership

CEA is the national voice for safe, secure and sustainable electricity for all Canadians, and provides its members with value-added products and services to advance the strategic interests of Canada’s electricity industry.


When you join the CEA, you will:

  • Benefit from a strong, united voice in defence of the industry.
  • Ensure your interests are promoted in Canadian and US policy.
  • Participate in industry-targeted programs, including prestigious awards.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, by earning the advanced designation of Sustainable Electricity Company TM.
  • Connect with other members, increase awareness and knowledge of critical issues, and collaborate on projects of shared interest.
  • Benefit from one of the most comprehensive historical databases of reliability and outage statistics available to the Canadian electricity industry with over 30 years of records available.
  • Discount of 25% – to CEA Member and Associate Partner organizations to attend any EUCI Event
  • Discount of 25% – to CEA Member and Associate Partner organizations on purchase of any Electro-Federation Report.

Benefits of Being a Corporate Partner

CEA Corporate Partners help to advance Canada’s rapidly evolving electricity industry by providing solutions, expertise and insight to CEA Corporate Utility Members.


When you join CEA, you will:

  • Connect and collaborate with senior-level decision makers in the industry in the following areas: Generation, Transmission, Distribution Customer, Supply Chain and CEOs and CFOs.
  • Exhibit thought leadership, expertise and industry knowledge at CEA workshops and events that take place throughout the year.
  • Increase your company’s visibility and strengthen brand recognition throughout the industry through CEA’s website, directory, blogs, and other communications products and services.
  • Expand your company’s reach by co-creating content with CEA on webinars, publications and presentations.
  • Gain industry insight through CEA’s member bulletins, webinars and other publications.